Friday, September 11, 2009

Welcome To My First Blog

span >I've always wanted a public blog like this. There's no reason why I haven't done it until now. **shrugs** Blogger was brought to my attention by way of my subscription to Nathan Bransford's blog. Nathan is a Literary Agent based in San Francisco. When I am done with my book, he is the first one I'm going to send my manuscript to. He knows his business and seems to be easy to get along with. I can learn a lot from him too. And then there are theoretical business trips to San Francisco - one of my very favorite places to visit.

My occupation aside from Stay@HomeMom is that of Incipient Writer. I have always loved to write and am usually good at it, so I made the decision to give it a try as a career. The confidence to do this came last Fall when I reached a point in my therapy where I found a huge pool of confidence I had never seen before. It was mine to drink from. It was there all along but lessons of my past concealed it. Confidence was infused into my psyche and soul. It felt like you've been cold and shivering, then you are instantly covered with a warm, toasty blanket. When this happened I started to feel like I could do things that I was previously too intimidated to try. Since Merwyn's retirement I've been thinking of ways to make a living without having to get up and go somewhere everyday. Just the thought of "the daily grind" makes me wince. I wanted to do something that I can do from my computer at home, and wondered what kind of job I could do that would allow for that. Writing came to the forefront of my mind. Why not? The kids are in school and growing more independent everyday. Merwyn is here to share home duties. And thankfully we are not hurting for money so I can work at this without having to worry about it. This all makes my life perfect for this undertaking. I'm praying that we stay financially stable in this economy, and that I will make a good living this way someday. Yes, there are a million other people trying to get published and make money. Some want to be famous. I don't. I abhor the thought of the whole world sticking its nose into my life, so there's no problem there. And competing with all those others? Who knows? I won't ever know until I try. I might just get lucky. Somebody has to be published. Why not me? Now I have to get off my butt and write everyday. Nathan had a blog the other day that asked forum followers what they gave up in order to write. That's how much we should be working at it. I've been told, "Write. Write. Write. And write some more." That is another reason for this blog.

That's about it for now. Stay tuned. There will be more blogging soon. ;)


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