Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vacations, Presents, And A New Best Friend

Well, we decided to go to Colorado Springs and Mount Rushmore for vacation. I've always wanted to see the presidential mountain, but didn't know there was so much to do in Colorado Springs. We talked about going to the Grand Canyon, but then I remembered how hot it is there - one of the reasons for going out of state is to go somewhere much cooler than here. We'll make the Grand Canyon trip on spring break sometime. It shouldn't be so bad in Arizona in March.

My sewing project is done, packaged, mailed, and at its destination. Now they are just waiting to meet up with the recipient. I can't wait to find out how he likes them. There's also a "The Far Side" Collection by Gary Larson in the package. The recipient of my gift deals with stress a whole lot so I thought he'd enjoy a bit of absurdity. Gary Larson's comics can make me laugh even when I'm in a deep depression. It's the only thing that can. I've also included a 12 page letter for him, explaining why I did this for him. The pages are "writing tablet" sized. Not big pages. There is also a t-shirt I bought for him that screamed his name at me while at the Harley Davidson store. I won't describe it yet, but I forgot to put it in the initial box I mailed. I didn't notice it until Friday night that it was sitting on a pile of fabric I have to make pj bottoms for my family. So Saturday it was packaged and sped to the post office too. It will probably get there tomorrow. The object of my affection is at home now. So maybe he will get the package this week. I hope it's before I go on vacation. I guess if so, I'll let my contact know where I'll be and how to get a hold of me while out of town.

I've had a lot of doubts about all this, but I have made a good friend, met on the internet named Denise. She has been very supportive of all this. I can't discuss this further until I know the package has been delivered to it's intended destination, and I have a response. There is no guarantee of a response, but I'm hoping. It's not often you meet someone you click with right away - I'm fortunate to have more than one good friend like this in my life. I feel like I can tell Denise almost anything. And she me. We also have an uncanny amount in common. I can't remember everything we compared, but it was unreal. That has never happened before . She lives near Detroit, which is probably one of the reasons why we think alike so much. Both bred northerners. One day we are going to meet, we hope. One day we would like to have a "girl's long weekend" somewhere. That would be the ultimate place to meet. It will probably be in Seattle. woo hoo! We'll have a blast. I plan to invite Mary and Jennie too. What a group we'll be. I can't wait

It's time to go and exercise now. I haven't done it in a long time. I NEED to start up again everyday like I did before. I'm still determined to lose the excess weight - and I will too. I just need to get my ass in gear and do what I need to do to make my desires and ambitions come true.

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