Friday, September 11, 2009

Good Morning, Got To Chat With Captain Phil

Good Morning,

Got to chat with Captain Phil Harris of Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel. He was gracious enough to take time out of his evening to chat with 75 or so of his closest friends and fans. The site was so busy that it lagged a whole lot, many got bumped off the site several times. Thankfully I got bumped only once. I think they are going to expand the bandwidth so this doesn't happen again.

Anyway, Phil is a terrific guy, - my gut instinct tells me so. He's very down-to-earth, unpretentious, and isn't afraid to say what he really thinks. All the captains and crew are this way and Phil says he doesn't understand why women like their show so much. If you are a woman reading this you are probably laughing. Why?!! Most women want a guy that is the "real deal". Besides, everytime these guys go to sea there is a good chance they are not coming back. It takes a tough person to do that. Tough = manly. Manly = testosterone. Any red-blooded heterosexual female is attracted to that. mm...mmm! Yummy! We could wallow in all that testosterone all day long. Yes, it's true. We just don't advertise the fact. It's the nature of the job - like a fireman. I've never seen an unattractive fireman.

In addition to all that sex appeal, I think women genuinely are interested in what goes into a job like that. Our intellect is just as piqued as our physical desire. And although I've never heard any women mention it, there are no boats there with any or all female crew. I think we couldn't do that job. It's not an insult to women, we are more than capeable of most things in life, but I think most women are not physically strong enough do crab fish this way.

Phil, if you're reading this, and I hope you do, I hope that gives you an answer to that question of yours. There may be plans for another chat next week. I hope so, and I hope they increase the bandwidth.

I've got more to get off my chest about this whole interest in Deadliest Catch and Phil Harris. Until then I leave you with some eye candy of him.

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