Friday, September 11, 2009

Open Mouth, Insert Foot; And Other Tendencies We All Share

It's the end of the season for DC which means the airing of After The Catch. The first in the series of five was on this past Tuesday night. During the talking, joking, laughing, and general "guy talk" Captain Johnathan made a comment that angered many women. I can't quote verbatim, but it was something like, "When women leave Alaska they are ugly again." It should have been edited out of the segment that aired. Too many people take comments like this the wrong way and get their feelings hurt. Like now.
The first were women from Dutch Harbor who verbally eviscerated John with their words. Evidently they got pissed because they think that Johnathan thinks they are ugly. Captain Johnathan, if you are reading this I highly suggest you stay out of Dutch Harbor for a while. These ladies are on the warpath. Even though they don't like your hair they want to take it from you.

I took the comment to refer to the women who journey way up there from the lower 48. Whether beautiful or plain to the guys who've been at sea for months at a time and in a place where the male population is much higher than the female population many times over any woman is desireable enough to find a temporary companion. Even if said woman looks like Sasquatch on crack. Then when the coupling is over, the clock strikes midnight, and Cinderella turns back into her not-so-pretty self.
This comment doesn't speak too well of the women that chase the crew members all the way to the Bering Sea. I say chase because Dutch Harbor is roughly 2,500 miles across the northern Pacific or 3,700 miles overland - both starting from Seattle and way out of the way from any kind of civilization.

A lot of other women took great offense by this opinion as well. I can see rolling my eyes over it, but to get to the boiling point with your anger because of it? That's silly. That's overreaction at its best - or worst. Like I said before: these women are extremely angry because Captain Johnathan says they are ugly - on national television. Does this make it true? Of course not. And if it did, who cares what he thinks. It's his opinion and he has a right to it. He's not standing on a soapbox trying to convince everyone else that they are ugly. And you know what else? Even if a person, male or female, is what the world considers extremely unattractive, does it mean said person has no worth or value? Even if society says they don't, it doesn't make it true. As far as I'm concerned society can kiss my ass; it gets LOTS of things wrong. No one seems to remember that when you get to know a person, they look different than when you first met them. If a person is ugly on the inside, they will definitely NOT be attractive on the outside -even if said person is a cover model. On the same token, if a person is beautiful on the inside and plain on the outside, they will be attractive. We have forgotten how much our character really makes us look. Character and confidence are the biggest magnets for attracting people to you. Whether for friendship or love, those two things are more valuable than diamonds. Yes, diamonds. Character and confidence can be taken with you when you die. Diamonds can't. Character and confidence cannot be taken away or stolen from you; diamonds can. You can only give them away.
One other woman, a person I'm getting to know around the DC sites, her name is Helen, wrote the best opinion of the whole thing. She mentioned that she chuckled at the quip, like I did, understanding what he meant. And everyone says things that don't come out right too. We have all done that. Of course, right or wrong we all have the right to express our opinions online, paper, etc. because thankfully we live in a place we can do that, still. She also voiced what I think we should all remember, "Shit happens, and this too shall pass." Do your venting and then get on with your life.
With all this uproar all I've heard is Captain Johnathan this, or Captain Johnathan that, how he failed to live up to everyone's expectations(who on tv does?), etc. etc. With all this you know what? I have seen a big heart in him. He feels deeply and is confident in his convictions. You can't convince me that he doesn't love his kids and grandkids; he dotes on his Grandma, is tight with his brothers, a good friend and a boss who knows how to have fun and encourages it in his crew. I've seen him hand over his "end of the season" winnings of $900 to the families of the men lost when the F/V Katmai sank. No matter what he said or how offended anyone got, Captain Johnathan is not the monster they make him out to be.

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